Old Sketchbook 2001-2006 Part 1

I feel nostalgic when remember my first sketches and how difficult it was. And it’s also interesting to see how my style of shadowing has changed/improved. Althought it’s a bunch of paper and not drawn in a sketchbook I’m glad I kept everything. This is almost all of my sketches I’ve drawn since 2001, when I started taking lessons from an old water color artist in our city who was friends with my granma. You see from the shadows that I had no idea how drawing works at all. LOL.

Finished Supernatural, now re-watching Rome and drawing. ^__^ Weiterlesen


[pencil] new partner in crime … Diana!

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome my new partner on this blog: Diana!!!

She’s not into K-Drama art yet, but maybe I get her there. Kekeke.

I’m posting on her behalf now coz we still don’t know how it works with adding users without registration.

Anyway these are her sketches of our hiking trip. Have fun!

Tree & roots


[pencil] forest, stone, flowers


I’m back from my short hiking trip to the Schrammsteinbaude!

Had a lot of fun climbing to the top and wandering around the awesome wide forest of the national park. When making a break we put out our sketch stuff and made some quick impressions. I would have loved to make sketches with water color but carrying the water color set with brush etc. would have been too laborious.


[fine liner] deer(?), monkey, street

fineliner_deer Kopie

I was about to travel to Berlin over the weekend to meet my girlfriend M., but waited 75min for the bus to come. 75min! It was enough time to make 3 new fine line sketches, till I went home. I’ll try the next bus tomorrow and I hope it’ll come.

Did I already mention how MUCH I LIKE my new sketchbook? It’s has the format (about) 25×25 and it’s awesome. I had no idea why there would be different sketchbooks sizes at all, coz I only used DIN A4 and DIN 5 so far. But now sketching in the square size of a sketchbook it feels totally different! Can’t describe but it suits the drawings! I never liked DIN A4 coz there was always too much space left above or under the drawing. Now it feels balanced. Really never thought that paper size could influence my psyche that much. And I especially like the square size because it fits in every handbag of mine. ^^

Unfortunately it has only 18 sheets, which makes it 36 pages and because I use fine liner I can’t use the sheets on both sides. But luckily the sketchbooks are relatively low priced, one cost around 3€. Can’t wait to get more. *___*