[pencil] forest, stone, flowers


I’m back from my short hiking trip to the Schrammsteinbaude!

Had a lot of fun climbing to the top and wandering around the awesome wide forest of the national park. When making a break we put out our sketch stuff and made some quick impressions. I would have loved to make sketches with water color but carrying the water color set with brush etc. would have been too laborious.

We took the painter route like the old painter Caspar David Friedrich did. He.

His painting “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” (= Hiker over the sea of fogs) is based on his sketches of the spots. The small squared cliff top is very accurate, that cliff really exists.

There are in fact lot’s of awesome spots to sketch and to paint. I took lots of pictures as reference. Finally I took the time to study the structure of a forest and its lively plants.

Market street of Bad Schandau

Street_Bad Schandau 2

I finally work up my courage to draw a street scene with houses. Oh my those old German houses with their narrow streets are a pain to draw but I just kept drawing till I managed at least to capture the scene. It’s messy and of course not accurate but I tend to cut losses when drawing a real object anyway; meaning half of it is from the real object and half is my own to fix the faults. After all it’s the whole impression that counts.

Forest & stones

Forest stone_Schrammsteinbaude

Well, the trees were so nicely positioned, easy to see and the shadows were very well defined that THIS TIME I could draw very exact. He.

(little sketch when dining) flower pot on the table


After the monster hiking tour of 8 hours we finally had a nice well earned meal. And what to do while waiting hungrily for food? The cute flowerpot on the table looked complicated with its many small flowers but I took the chance to force myself to take on the challenge. Uff. I worked on this sketch in severell stages that’s why the exposure to light is completely messed up. Don’t pay attention. *cough*

Young pine tree (on our 2nd tour – to the Bastei)


Stone gate of the Bastei


(a very quick sketch coz there where too many people and I couldn’t relax my hand after climbing up the top for an hour… And a cute little girl was sitting next to me on the cliff and watched me sketching. Ke. I started drawing her when she and her Mom left. Too bad. I had to finish the sketch without the real model.

Back to the big city Dresden again and waiting on the main train station.


Too bad I had not enough time to visit the church or palace to make few sketches. So there were only the souvenir logos in front of me left to draw. 😉

Passenger legs *g*

masculin legs

Riding the train back home there was a guy sitting in front of me. His masculine legs were so nice to look at and I could almost finished the sketch till he switched to another seat. I always liked buff men legs, but in lack of a model I actually never had the chance to draw them. But now I realized: Hey, it’s summer and everyone is wearing shorts! HA! Now I now what my next activity for the next week will be… *g*


2 Gedanken zu „[pencil] forest, stone, flowers

  1. Wow, you really draw A LOT!!
    It’s really cool you force yourself to try everything. I don’t know much about drawing/painting – art in general, so I can’t comment on that. >o<;; But to me it looks really nice and the trip sounds very exciting. =3

    • Kunst liegt im Auge des Betrachters, daher denke ich, kann jeder drauf kommentieren. ^^ Bin ja wieder unterwegs, versuche dabei bisschen mehr Architektur zu zeichnen. ^^ Kann heute vielleicht endlich zum BOESNER und neue Skizzenhefte kaufen. *___*

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