Watercolor Greece stair A3 30×40 cm

Blaue Treppe  Kopie

Christmas holiday! Finally got more than 3 hours to paint 😀

Since seeing this picture on a cheap postcard for years I wanted to paint it in water color. Couple of years agao I painted it on small size format for my granny’s calender knowing it wasn’t fully creatively painted so I thought about painting it again it in a bigger size A3 30×40 cm. It’s my first A3 water color picture and I start digging large format pictures. Framed with paspartout it surely will look awesome. 😀

Recommendation for your inspiration: Thomas Schaller Water color

Work in Progress

WIP Blaue TreppeWIP Blaue Treppe (1)WIP Blaue Treppe (2)WIP Blaue Treppe (3)