Sketchbook November-December 2013

Long time that I posted something. I totally forgot. Finally I had time to scan and formate my sketches.

011213 Gandalf Copic Marker Kopie2221213 Kopie2

2212136 Kopie2  2212134 Kopie22212133 Kopie2


Portrait: Timmy (Work in progress) A3 30×40 cm

This portrait gave me a headache. Never knew it would be so difficult to draw children. One wrong line and you add 5 more years on his face. This drawing goes to my good friend Pia and proud Mum of Timmy – a belatedly christmas present. 😀



Watercolor Greece stair A3 30×40 cm

Blaue Treppe  Kopie

Christmas holiday! Finally got more than 3 hours to paint 😀

Since seeing this picture on a cheap postcard for years I wanted to paint it in water color. Couple of years agao I painted it on small size format for my granny’s calender knowing it wasn’t fully creatively painted so I thought about painting it again it in a bigger size A3 30×40 cm. It’s my first A3 water color picture and I start digging large format pictures. Framed with paspartout it surely will look awesome. 😀

Recommendation for your inspiration: Thomas Schaller Water color

Work in Progress

WIP Blaue TreppeWIP Blaue Treppe (1)WIP Blaue Treppe (2)WIP Blaue Treppe (3)

Some Changes

Since getting back into art more seriously my Sketchblog is getting a face lift now, that I’m getting commissioned. ^_^ Soon I can open up my Blog to Searching Machines. If you like my blog, feel free to link me on your page and comment. Thank you.