2 Sketches with Fineliner

25 kl1 25kl


Water Color 2012/ pencil sketches

This year I had not enough time to make a whole calender of watercolor pictures, so there are only a few. Now I’m back in Germany and can paint more!

Spatz Kopie 2 Blaues Gittertor Kopie Muschelturm Kopie

better scan quality pencil sketches

Möweneltern KopieOrangUtan Kopie

new continent, new country, new sketches

Hi there guys,

someone there? Thank you for your nice comments while I was gone. I moved from Europe to Thailand and finally have the chance to come back to the virtual world. ^^

I’m still sketching and drawing although work aquires 80% of my day. I’m living happily in a small room with little belongings, but that also means I need to go without my equipment like scanner, paper and everything I’ve got for my sketching. I only could took my water colour set, pencils and colour pencils with me.

Still I want to keep up with my sketch blog although I lost some skills due to non-practicing ^^;

I haven’t figured out to scann the sketches yet, so I hope you don’t mind me taking photos in meanwhile.


Pu Bea

My new sketchbook thai made

[pencil] new partner in crime … Diana!

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome my new partner on this blog: Diana!!!

She’s not into K-Drama art yet, but maybe I get her there. Kekeke.

I’m posting on her behalf now coz we still don’t know how it works with adding users without registration.

Anyway these are her sketches of our hiking trip. Have fun!

Tree & roots