Postcards from the Frankonian Forest – Postkarten aus dem Frankenwald

Hi there folks,

it’s been a while since I posted any sketches.

So today, I start posting my new photo series Postcard from the Frankonian Forest – in German  – Postkarten aus dem Frankenwald featuring my Akita Inu named Aiyuki.

Whenever taking a photo (either with my simple smartphone Huawei P8) I feel joy about the simple beauty of nature and I like creating postcards with some nice quotes to remember the scene. Enjoy my new series! Postkarte_Frankenwald_Himmel.jpg


Moss Fence


Mooszaun 270714 Kopie


Wodka-Martini with Baileys

vielen Dank für Baileys - Wodka-Martini Kopie

Thank you card to Jutta G. Finally I could draw my cats 😀 The left one is Martini, the right one Wodka.


Bugs, Portrait

Unbenannt-1 Kopie Mathias - Kauf ich Auto oder nicht Kopie


WiP Elephant Mountain Bridge A2 50×70 cm


it gose very slow. I don’t have free weekends to keep working on the picture… So new strategy: everyday at least 30 minutes drawing!


Sketches bugs, caterpillar, dragonfly

230320134 Kopie2 16032013 Hände Kopie2 230320131 Kopie2 230320132 Kopie2 230320133 Kopie2